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We are running out of receivers

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Perhaps one reason no Redskin receiver besides James Thrash has scored a touchdown is because there might not be any other receivers. Per Redskins Insider:

Brandon Lloyd injured his shoulder when he hit the ground on the last play of practice, Coach Joe said. The receiver left The Park in a sling and was going for further testing.
Should he not play this Sunday he will join James Thrash on the sideline and possibly Moss, who Jason La Canfora characterizes as "iffy" (more bad news from the Times). JLaC also points out that Mike Espy is on injured reserve and what a great opportunity this would have been for him. It is truly unfortunate that Espy has to suffer this, of all seasons, on the bench, since he could've been afforded many opportunities to play. Here's who we are relying on should Moss, Thrash, and Brandon Lloyd fail to play this weekend, in order of how I'd put them on a depth chart:
  1. Antwaan Randle El
  2. Keenan McCardell
  3. Reche Caldwell
Wouldn't you know that's the remainder of our WR roster currently, including the practice squad if the Official Site is to be believed. Steven Harris (WR) is also on injured reserve. Redskins Insider mentions Burt Toler as a practice squad guy we could activate to bring in, but I can't find him. Even if we can't find him, that adds just:

4. Burt Toler

Fantastic. But those injuries aren't even what trouble me most about our game against the Cowboys this week. That Sean Taylor will be watching, from the sideline, almost makes me not want to, from my seats, as one of the people attending Texas Stadium this week is me, screaming bloody murder on behalf of Your Washington Redskins.

What pumps me up most about this game? Burt Toler, no question. Huge game he's going to have, mark my words.