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Sean Taylor injury update?

Update [2007-11-13 15:45:31 by Skin Patrol]: Sean Taylor is out for at least two weeks. Ugh.
Update [2007-11-12 15:59:23 by Skin Patrol]: Washington Post via Curly R. Also, Rotoworld says: "Redskins FS Sean Taylor has a knee sprain and expects to miss a few weeks."
Don't know if it's been mentioned elsewhere but Redskins Insider has the first word I've found on Taylor:
...Sean Taylor was barely moving around with his right leg pretty much immobiler and stiff as a board. It's a knee sprain and we'll get more info later in the day, but Sean told some teammates it doesn't look as good as hoped and seems like he will miss at least a few weeks. But again, we'll get the official word later.
Will try and update with the official word as soon as it arrives. If anyone else has found print on this subject elsewhere, please provide a link in the comments.


...James Thrash is on crutches and a cast on his left ankle. Does not look good.
Had you told me at the beginning of this season that it would take nine games for any Redskin wide receiver to catch a touchdown pass, I'd have called you crazy. Were you to point out that those receptions would be from James Thrash and Keenan McCardell, I probably would have laughed at you. It is incredibly unfortunate that the week we realize that Thrash is our most valuable receiver threat in the red zone he goes and gets hurt enough for a cast and crutches. I'm no big city doctor, but that will take time to heal.