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Redskins are a disappointment

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This will be brief as I don't have it in me immediately after such a disappointing loss to expound on all the things wrong with the result. Some important events of note, to highlight a poorly called football game:

6-S.Suisham extra point is No Good, Wide Left


 1-10-PHI 14       (11:31) 17-J.Campbell pass short left to 83-J.Thrash to PHI 7 for 7 yards (96-O.Gaither).
2-3-PHI 7     (10:50) 26-C.Portis left tackle to PHI 5 for 2 yards (58-T.Cole, 57-C.Gocong).
3-1-PHI 5     (10:07) 45-M.Sellers up the middle to PHI 5 for no gain (98-M.Patterson).
Timeout #1 by WAS at 09:23.
4-1-PHI 5     (9:23) 6-S.Suisham 23 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-67-E.Albright, Holder-4-D.Frost.

You need to get to the four yard line for an extra set of downs, yet even that wouldn't necessarily been much of a victory since there was no clear indication that this team could score touchdowns in the red zone even with an unending supply of downs. I've been of the opinion that when your team fails to convert a 3rd and 1, it isn't a fault of playcalling but rather of execution, since gaining one yard can't be all that tough. But I've now sat through enough blown 3rd and 1s to know that this team simply cannot execute a run play properly enough to overcome an opposing defense that knows where the ball is going. Thus, insistence on running up the gut is a clear failure of this coaching staff to properly utilize the talent they should be familiar with by now. If runs up the middle cannot get us the shortest unit of measure in professional football, then it's time to abandon running it right up the middle. I wouldn't ask Jason Campbell to throw the ball 99 yards through the air, because he can't do it. I wouldn't ask our running backs and offensive line to plow forward for one yard because they can't do it. Try something new. Suffer through another storm of shit:

 1-7-PHI 7       (6:39) 26-C.Portis left end to PHI 6 for 1 yard (98-M.Patterson).
2-6-PHI 6     (5:55) 26-C.Portis right tackle to PHI 5 for 1 yard (58-T.Cole; 97-B.Bunkley).
3-5-PHI 5     (5:12) 17-J.Campbell pass short middle to 87-T.Yoder to PHI 1 for 4 yards (77-L.Ramsey, 30-J.Reed). PENALTY on PHI, Defensive Holding, 2 yards, enforced at PHI 5 - No Play.
1-3-PHI 3     (4:43) 26-C.Portis left tackle to PHI 1 for 2 yards (51-T.Spikes, 90-D.Howard).
Timeout #1 by PHI at 04:31.
2-1-PHI 1     (4:31) 26-C.Portis right guard to PHI 2 for -1 yards (90-D.Howard, 93-J.Kearse).
Timeout #1 by PHI at 04:27.
3-2-PHI 2     (4:27) (Shotgun) PENALTY on WAS-47-C.Cooley, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at PHI 2 - No Play.
3-7-PHI 7     (4:27) 26-C.Portis right tackle to PHI 3 for 4 yards (22-J.Hanson, 51-T.Spikes).
Timeout #3 by PHI at 04:20.
4-3-PHI 3     (4:20) 6-S.Suisham 21 yard field goal is GOOD, Center-67-E.Albright, Holder-4-D.Frost.

A miracle puts us on the 3 yard line and we manage to find ourselves in a highly favorable 2nd and 1. This is where good teams score. Alternatively, bad teams get tackled for a loss and than give up 5 more yards on a stupid false start penalty. On 3rd and 7 the coaches run a draw play to nowhere, effectively admitting that 3 points is all they deserve. That kind of quitting? professional courtesy is not endearing when we lose. Three wasn't enough because

 1-10-PHI 35       (4:09) 36-B.Westbrook left end to PHI 37 for 2 yards (57-R.Godfrey).
2-8-PHI 37     (3:36) (Shotgun) 5-D.McNabb pass short right to 84-H.Baskett pushed ob at PHI 42 for 5 yards (24-S.Springs). PENALTY on WAS, Illegal Substitution, 6 yards, enforced at PHI 37 - No Play.
2-2-PHI 43     (3:29) 5-D.McNabb pass short middle to 36-B.Westbrook for 57 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Tragic that their team can get 4 yards even when we have an illegal amount of players on the field.  Still, there remained a chance that we'd tie the game, except for our offense marched onto the field:

 2-8-WAS 47      (1:55) (Shotgun) 17-J.Campbell Aborted. 61-C.Rabach FUMBLES at WAS 40, recovered by WAS-17-J.Campbell at WAS 40. 17-J.Campbell to WAS 40 for no gain (58-T.Cole).

Our quarterback got aborted? Well that's going to help me get through the work week. Unfortunately this game has implications that escape the four quarters it was played in. Your The Washington Redskins are now 5-4, 1-2 in the division, and 0-2 at home against the Giants and Eagles. Though the team is going to Dallas next week, there's a real concern they won't show up. Oh and Sean Taylor is hurt. Needless to say but I will anyways: Better days...

Oh yea, congratulations.

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