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Redskins are not B students at the halfway point

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Per Adam Schein at Fox Sports (Hat tipped to Extreme Skins):

Washington: Trust me. This grade isn't a reaction to 52-7 against the Pats. It's a reaction to 52-7 after looking bad against Green Bay in a game Santana Moss threw away. It's a reaction to 52-7, the Packers debacle and Washington nearly squandering a game at home against the Cardinals. The run game and the defense have been flat out bad in the second quarter of the season. Washington, at 4-3, just hasn't looked the part the last 3 weeks.
Typically, when someone asks you to trust them, it's because they're about to say something that isn't believable. I'm not at all buying this C+ grade relative to some of the teams above us. Off the top of my head, a strong case could be made that we deserve better placement than either Kansas City or Carolina. To wit:
  1. Washington (C+?) has beaten Miami (F), Philly (C-), Detroit (A) and Arizona (C) but lost to New England (A+), Green Bay (A) and the Giants (A). Overall, taking Adam at his word, we've beaten one very good team, three pretty bad ones, but have yet to lose to a bad team.
  2. Kansas City (B+?) has beaten Minnesota (D), San Diego (B), Cincy (F), and Oakland (C-) but lost to Houston (C-), Chicago (F), and Jacksonville (A). Overall they've beaten only San Diego of consequence, a worse win than Detroit per Adam, and have lost to some really bad teams, per Adam. And yet they're a stronger team than the Redskins?
  3. Carolina (B+?) has beaten St. Louis (F), Atlanta (F), New Orleans (C+), and Arizona (C) but lost to Houston (C-), Tampa Bay (C+) and Indy (A+). Overall they've beaten no one of consequence, and split losses between really good teams, per Adam, and not-so-good ones, per Adam.
Why do I care? I don't, really, and generally like Adam Schein's work. This is more of a caution against these types of rankings since even the keenest football mind can't keep 32 different teams ordered on countless variables fresh in mind at any moment. The only justification one could have for putting the Redskins down so much is because of our devastating loss to the Patriots, though, per Adam, that isn't the case.

Taking him at his word on the "last 3 weeks" theory, the Redskins defense looked great against both Arizona and Green Bay. As he pointed out in the latter game, against a team he thinks very highly of, Santana Moss lost it, not the Redskins D. As for almost losing to Arizona, Kansas City didn't "almost" lose to Chicago (but did almost lose to Oakland, C-, 12-10 last week) and Carolina didn't "almost" lose to Housto, and both those teams are ranked below the Arizona Cardinals, per Schein.

I said it: We're better than KC and Carolina. Reader(s) encouraged to disagree in the comments section.