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Eastern Motors Trivia

I don't even want to talk about Sunday's debacle against the Pats. So instead, lets play a game. See if you can matchup the player with their Eastern Motors nickname. Answer key is below the lyrics, which now will be stuck in your head the rest of the day (you're welcome).

Note: If you get #5 wrong then you should seriously see a doctor to test if you are downs-syndrome.

Players: Nicknames:
1.) Antwan Randle El
2.) Sean Taylor
3.) Jason Campbell
4.) Carlos Rogers
5.) Santana Moss
6.) Clinton Portis
7.) Willis Maghee
8.) Ray Lewis
a.) The Inspector
b.) The Predator
c.) The Moss Factor
d.) The Punisher
e.) The Transformer
f.) Trouble
g.) The Enforcer
h.) The Maestro

At Eastern Motors…Motors,
Your job’s your credit…credit.
At Eastern Motors…Motors,
Your job’s your credit…credit.

Fords, Hondas, Chevys, Beemers
and minivans,
Over 600 cars, trucks, SUVs - are you listenin’ man?

Let Eastern Motors,
Put you in a car today.
Let Eastern Motors,
Finance it all the way..
1.) e 2.) d 3.) h 4.) g 5.) c 6.) b 7.) f 8.) a