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The Official Hogs Haven Weekly Power Rankings

After week 5, and still 3 unbeaten teams... though, only barely.

The top 2 are still in a class of their own, mostly because they don't get caught up in the trap games.  Terry, before you say anything, your Cowboys will have a chance to change things this weekend at home against the Pats.

Without further ado:

  1. NE - The best.  Period.
  2. IND - Even without important starters (Sanders, Addai) they rolled a reeling TB team.
  3. DAL - I was waiting for Denny Green to come out for Jauron: "They are who we thought they are.  And we let them off the hook!"
One loss teams:
  1. PIT - By far the best one loss team.  Except for a hiccup against their former coaching staff, this team has dominated.  The BYE week should let them get some guys (Polamalu, Hampton, Holmes, Ward) healthy and ready to go.
  2. GB - They finally start running the ball and they lose.  Farve did what he hadn't been doing: looking like an old Tony Romo and turned the ball over.
  3. JAX - KC > ATL.
  4. TEN - See above.
  5. your WASHINGTON Redskins - If I was a homer, they'd jump the AFC South teams.  I'm tempted to do it out of objectivity after a beat down put on DET, a team much better than ATL and KC... combined.
The league gets muddy after the one loss teams:
  1. NYG - The defense looks like it's been fixed.  I'm not sold on Eli and the offense.
  2. HOU - They win without their best offensive weapons.  Those weapons get healthy and watch out.
  3. BAL - They keep winning ugly.  I'm still waiting on this offense to get going.
  4. SEA - Ran into the buzzsaw that is PIT.
  5. TB - Ran into the buzzsaw that is IND.  The loss of the top 2 RBs will hurt.  I expect them to free fall from this spot.  But then again, I've learned not to doubt Garcia.
  6. ARI - Warner has looked solid.  Edge is back with a little help from Wiz.
  7. OAK - By default?  Or are they actually kinda good?
Best of the pack:
  1. SD - Call me a sucker, but I think they turned the corner.
  2. CLE - Out of it early, but gave NE a run for the spread.  No one else has.
  3. CIN - Moved up by way of everyone else moving down.
  4. DET - I doubt they'll only score 3 points in the coming weeks.  That D got exposed.
  5. CHI
  6. SF - The defense looks pretty solid.  As long as Dilfer is starting, they might be in trouble.
  7. CAR - I watched Carr in HOU.  I know the fairy tale will end, they can't play winless teams every week.
  8. KC
  9. DEN - Yikes.  Ummm, go Rockies ?
  10. PHI - I'm still waiting.
  11. MIN
The rest:
  1. ATL - QB controversey... and then there's the Vick thing.
  2. NYJ - Had the decency to start their collapse in the 3rd quarter.
  3. BUF - Nothing to say here.
And the (still) winless:
  1. NO - Only 4 weeks of bad play gets them tops of this list.
  2. STL - Frerotte sighting.  A healthy Gus looked rusty, but better than a beat up Bulger... as long as he doesn't hit a wall head first.
  3. MIA - Green's career is in doubt.  His season, and the team's, aren't.  Ricky Williams anyone?
As always, let me have it in the comments.