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This is a fish story. And the fish was as big as a Lion. Redskins win 34-3

Hyperbole won't even do this win justice. Chris says: "Based on nothing other than my current euphoric state and the fact that beer creates hyperbole, I have to say that was the most enjoyable Redskins victory in their 75 year history." Who am I to disagree? Awful Announcing shows us what will surely be one of the best moments of this season, thanks to Mike Sellers eating alive Kennedy, below:

With Sean Taylor and LaRon Landry killing people on defense (and special teams; did anyone else see Sean Taylor ruin #39 on James Thrash's long return?) and Mike Sellers forcing defenders to tackle using leg sweeps -- cowardice! -- I daresay that the Redskins are creating an identity of a blue collar dollar kind of team that makes you pay for catching balls or trying to tackle large, scary fullbacks. Make that 21-0 against the Lions in our house. Make that 12-0, Coach Gibbs against. Best game of JC's career thus far? Absolutely, though I can't recall the last time the defense has played this well, either.

366 yards of offense without Santana Moss, though let's hope we never have to try that again without Randle El's hamstring (a contagious injury, apparently, as it struck Marcus Washington in the 3rd quarter), which was magnificent today up until it got hurt -- 7 receptions, 100 yards. In the first half.

Gregg Williams was chillaxing inside the head of Mike Martz for the entire game. "Pathetic" defined: 144 total net yards, just 46 net yards passing. Safety. Two picks, one returned for a touchdown by, you'll never believe it, Carlos Rogers. His hands work! I was way off on Roy Williams, who stunned with an incredible 3 receptions for 36 yards, damn near doubling my prediction.

Game ball: Man-love gives it to Mike Sellers. KSK's Unsilent Majority says:

If it's gay to love a 280 pound fullback who has spent time in prison, then call me Shirley. By the way, Sellers just scored on a touchdown pass from Jason Campbell. Mike Sellers is having one hell of a day.
Had one hell of a day. The touchdown pass he had was brilliant; JC is scrambling his guts out, Mike Sellers sneaks behind the guy defending him and hides in just the right place, which is incredible since it must be very difficult to hide nearly 300 pounds of mass. Who should get the ball with 1 or 2 yards to go? Mike Sellers. Why wait? Throw him the ball down the field too just so we can watch kids NFL cornerbacks get buried.

I could hand out game balls all day. Jason Campbell completed ~ %80 of his passes. The defense has too many stars to mention, though we'll try them all. Rocky McIntosh led the team with 6 solo tackles but also came up huge recovering a James Thrash fumble within the five yard line. Andre Carter had 8 tackles and two sacks, one a safety. Jon Kitna decided that, rather than risking a bad case of brain damage, 'tis better to slide for a safety than get sacked by this bad, bad man. [He also said: "But it's a long season. It was bad for whatever reason." Whatever reason? No, it's because Jesus loves the Redskins.] Cornelius Griffin, Marcus Washington, and Demetric Evans all added sacks. Quarterback pressure played a big role in us shaking up the normally reliable Kitna, who threw three interceptions, one called back, to Carlos Rogers and Sean Taylor. Rogers decided that he'd go ahead and take it to the house 61 yards later. Our defense outscored the Detroit Lions 2.33:1. Even B. Lloyd got in the mix, with 1 reception for 9 yards. He lives! Offensive line concerned no one, giving up zero sacks.

We are 3-1.

This is how Redskins football should be scripted. We take an early lead thanks to efficient offense and outstanding defense. We give them nothing on the way back, increasing the level of play on both sides of the ball. We hurt them, emotionally and physically, ourselves injured. When Santana Moss is out, we score touchdowns with big, scary men, and say forget finesse. We use a former #3 WR and turn him loose in the first half, producing impressive game stats in just half the time. If Jason Campbell plays this well every game, we'll never lose again. This is much sweeter than having to use overtime to beat Miami, or even defeating the Eagles on the road (which was probably more important, but...) in a game that still was in question in the 4th quarter. The Redskins won this game early:  

It was over when ...
The Redskins held the ball for more than seven and a half minutes on the opening possession. They did not score, but they set the tone and continued to dominate the line of scrimmage for the remainder of the game en route to a 34-3 victory.
How big was the fish? Greatest team in the NFL! Naw, but seriously, 18-1.