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Of kidney stones and kittens

Per Redskins 360:

Director of sports medicine Bubba Tyer said Bugel underwent surgery this morning at Virginia Hospital Center to remove the kidney stone and will be released from the hospital Friday. He is expected to be at the Lions-Redskins game on Sunday.

Said coach Joe Gibbs: "Last week he said he wasn't feeling good and when he described some of the symptons, I knew when I felt that way, it was kidney stones," Gibbs said. "It was a pretty good attack."

That was yesterday and I haven't heard anything bad since, so we're going to assume and hope that Coach Bugel is doing fine. What an absolute nightmare this has been on our offensive line of tragedy both predictable and not. Derrick Dockery was lost to free agency, was replaced by Todd Wade and Mike Pucillo. Neither of them were apparently up to snuff, so in comes Pete Kendall for draft pick...(s)? Then we lose Jon Jansen for the season. Piling on, Randy Thomas had surgery just weeks ago on a tricep and Samuels missed some preseason time to a knee. None of that is outside the normal expectations of fans or players, as the former can reasonably presume that the latter will suffer physical adversity in the normal course of playing a game where your job is essentially to prevent another gargantuan man from maiming and injuring another merely large man. But kidney stones on our offensive line coach? We all know Coach Bugel is about the toughest sumbitch in the world, but no man can withstand Colicky Pains, or so I've heard. My kidney is stone-free.

Hope this cheers you up Coach! Meet "Kitten" Portis. Aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Essay question for reader(s), and I expect responses below: Are kidney stones worse than Kittens are good?