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Blogger Deathsport picks

Lines complements Post Game Heroes. Man, I've just got this feeling that Week 5 is where good old Skin Patrol finally turn s things around. with a W. I need this...

Until then, Hogs Haven is taking:

Arizona at St. Louis (+3.5)
Pick: Arizona

Seattle at Pittsburgh (-5.5)
Pick: Pittsburgh

Miami at Houston (-5.5)
Pick: Houston

Jacksonville at Kansas City (-2)
Pick: Jacksonville

Cleveland at New England (-16.5)
Pick: Cleveland

Carolina at New Orleans (-3)
Pick: Carolina

New York Jets at New York Giants (-3.5)
Pick: NYG

Atlanta at Tennessee (-8.5)
Pick: Tennessee

Detroit at Washington (-3.5)
Pick: Your Washington Redskins

Tampa Bay at Indianapolis (-10)
Pick: Tampa Bay, lock of the week

Baltimore at San Francisco (+3.5)
Pick: Baltimore

San Diego at Denver (-1.5)
Pick: Denver

Chicago at Green Bay (-3)
Pick: Green Bay

Dallas at Buffalo (+10)
Pick: Dallas