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Object in face may appear larger than listed on team website

London Fletcher hasn't seen enough time in this space recently and so forgive this stretch of content selection, but congrats to London on being named one of the (hat tip: Extreme Skins) Best Small Hitters in the NFL:

The league's shortest starting linebacker is also one of its most prolific tacklers, with 473 since the start of the '04 season (second most in the league). Fletcher's stature doesn't hinder him in the passing lanes either: He had four interceptions with the Bills last season.
Itemizing the numbers: 2006 he was third among linebackers with 146 tackles, 3rd in 2005 with 157, 5th in 2004 with 142, and we're going back, 13th in 2003 with 133, 3rd in 2002 with 147, and 11th in 2001 with 116. He puts his pants on one leg at a time and makes tackles, just like the rest of us nobody else.