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"It" will come, Redskins fans

What is "It"? A win on Sunday? Cheaper parking at FedEx field? New unis? Forget that noise, yo, we're talking about choreographed dancing by the Redskins defense:

I[, Dan Steinberg] told [Marcus Washington] that the fans[, especially Skin Patrol] still demand [through prayer, human sacrifice, and handwritten notes to Santa Claus] some coordinated defensive between-possessions dancing.

"You've just kind of got to feel that thing out as the year goes along," he explained. "There's kind of a lot of freelancing going on right now, but nothing organized just yet. It usually takes a little time. But it'll come."

Oh sweet lovely choreographed defensive dancing, nothing would make me prouder of Your Washington Redskins than them busting out in some Thriller.

Yea, that would be the business. Alternate soundtracks suggested. That's the kind of football everyone would watch, even... football players.