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Let the Hall of Fame disaster begin

Per MDS at Fanhouse:

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has released its list of preliminary nominees for 2008, and the list includes seven players who are eligible for the first time.
Among those on the list are Darrell Green, who should get in first, and Art Monk, who should've been in ages ago. Here is the full list and here, complements the Official Site, are all the Redskins(ish) players on it:
Gary Clark, WR, 1985-92
Henry Ellard, WR, 1993-97
Darrell Green, CB, 1983-2002
Russ Grimm, G, 1981-91
Ken Harvey, LB, 1994-98
Joe Jacoby, T, 1981-93
Jim Lachey, OL, 1988-95
Wilber Marshall, LB, 1988-92
Mark May, OL, 1981-89
Art Monk, WR, 1980-93
Joe Theismann, QB, 1974-85
Doug Williams, QB, 1986-89...

Frank "Bucko" Kilroy, scout, 1962-64
Eric Metcalf, KR, 2002
Andre Reed, WR, 2000
Reggie Roby, P, 1993-94;
Clark Shaughnessy, coach, 1944-47
Ernie Zampese, coach, 2004.

Give me Darrell Green, Art Monk, and one member of the Hogs, and I'll be a happy camper.

Mister Irrelevant, Darrell Green Will Be a HOFer, Goddammit