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Pick 'Em Week 8

SP hasn't posted his picks yet, so I took the initiative to go to Post Game Heroes and scope out the lines myself.

I'm guessing SP's picks will be up soon.  Or maybe he's too busy throwing his life away going to law school.  Either way, my picks on the way:

Detroit at Chicago (-5): DET

Cleveland at St. Louis (+3): CLE

Indianapolis at Carolina (+6.5): IND

Washington at New England (-16.5): WAS

New Orleans at San Francisco (+3): NO

Buffalo at Jets (-3): BUF

Giants at Miami (+9.5): NYG

Philadelphia at Minnesota (+1): MIN

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (+3.5): PIT

Houston at San Diego (0): Gimme points and I say HOU, but when it's an even line in smoky San Diego, I say SD

Jacksonville at Tampa Bay (-4): JAX

Oakland at Tennessee (-7.5): OAK

Green Bay at Denver (-3): GB

That's all for now.  Feel free to laugh and/or point fingers in the comments section.