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Casey Rabach always keeps a spare groin for a rainy day

From the good news department:

Center Casey Rabach is expected back in the starting lineup this Sunday after missing the Cardinals game due to a groin injury. Officially, he is listed as probable.
On to the rain:
The Redskins practiced outside in steady rain all three days this week. The weather conditions for Sunday in Foxboro, Mass.? Sunny skies with a high of 60 degrees.

Joe Gibbs was asked if rainy practices made him wish for an indoor practice facility?

"No," he said. "You need to be outside. Football is an outdoor game."

I could not agree more with coach. There is a stigma against dome teams that exists for good reason. Cowards play indoors. Football players do it outside. Keep your stupid Super Bowl, retractable roofs.

Also in the article, from the bad news department:

Kick return specialist Rock Cartwright, still recovering from a quad injury, is listed as questionable heading into this Sunday's game against the New England Patriots.
He won't play. Jason said he doesn't expect to play, though Rogers, Washington, and Rabach are all probable.

For a detailed report on injured Patriots, check out Pats Pulpit. Don't get too excited seeing Tom Brady listed for his shoulder; he's always listed for his shoulder.

America will be watching this matchup, and only Sean Taylor can save us from the beast that is Tom Brady:

Taken from Also, insert snarky comment.

PS: Tom Brady is a bad person. AND he's not buying Coach Gibbs "underdog" theme, per AOL Fanhouse per here:

"I think he's blowing smoke," Brady said. "I promise you that he's not telling his team that, I'm sure.

"That sounds like something that Coach Belichick would say, so he's trying to butter us up. You know, it doesn't work for us. We know what we're getting ourselves into. We're playing one of the best defenses in the league and they've been in every game this year. They're 4-2, could easily be 6-0."

Flattery will get you... nowhere.