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According to a car company, there is no greater defensive player in history (this week)

Per the Official Site:

Middle linebacker London Fletcher has earned GMC Defensive Player of the Week honors for his performance in the Redskins' 21-19 win over the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday, the NFL has announced.
Hard to argue with that; the man saved Christmas, and then found time to beat the Arizona Cardinals single handedly. Besides one boneheaded taunting play that kept (what I believe to be) a scoring drive alive for Arizona, the man played some inspired football.
Fletcher found a wall of blockers to his left and raced 27 yards into the end zone for a touchdown. Shawn Springs leveled a block on Warner just as Fletcher crossed the goal line for the score.
I extend much love to the blockers, but let's not short change a stout London Fletcher for making a killer move on the play as well.

Who would have thought that the greatest offseason acquisition would belong to Your Washington Redskins. Yea, I said it, London Fletcher was the greatest offseason acquisition. Scrabble challenge in the comments section.