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Injury update

We probably cannot beat the Patriots. With a healthy secondary, a win would be a sports miracle, an upset unlike any other this football year. With an injured secondary, against the likes of Tom Brady, a win would be biblical, the kind of thing people define themselves through spiritually. Hat tip to reader Sincethebeginning who pointed me to Jason La Canfora's Redskins Insider piece on the state of the secondary, among other things:

Carlos Rogers and Fred Smoot were both pretty much on the sidelines during the period we schlubs got to see, and took more work than yesterday but did not do everything as normal. Gregg Williams seemed pretty confident both would play a role in this game.
I don't know if I'm ready to leap from this to the conclusion that Rogers and Smoot are being treated as merely role players for this Sunday's game due to injury. It's possible, plausible that Williams was just expressing that he thinks they'll play, period. Neither Rock Cartwright nor Randy Thomas (duh) practiced either.

In other news, this is all kinds of awesome.