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The Official Hogs Haven Weekly Power Rankings

Another NFL week, another week of dominating performance from NE and IND.

And away we go:

  1. NE
  2. IND
  3. DAL - By virtue of PIT's loss more than their own win.
  4. GB
  5. NYG - They keep winning and winning handedly.
  6. PIT
  7. TEN - A win without Vince.
  8. JAX - Ran into the wrong team at the wrong time.
  9. your WASHINGTON Redskins - They almost got beat by the one armed man.  Almost.
  10. TB
  11. CAR
  12. KC - They are sneaky good.  They play defense and are starting to remember how to run the ball.  And, as always, they play to win the game.  Hello?
  13. DET - Kitna's on his way to keeping his word.
  14. BAL - Every time I say they're good, they go and do something stupid... like lose to BUF.
  15. SD
  16. CLE
  17. SEA
  18. DEN - Turning the corner or benefitting from PIT scoring too soon?  We shall see.
  19. HOU - Hey SP, your Sage rookie card is getting more valuable by the minute.
  20. CHI - Great win at the end.  Griese is starting to look like the veteran presence they were hoping for.  Oh, and he wins without a radio.  What says you now, Gibbs?
  21. ARI - I heard they were bringing in Jeff George for a looksee.  Just what I heard.
  22. NO - 2 in a row.  Watch out!
  23. OAK - Culpepper is looking like a real, live NFL QB again.
  24. PHI - McNabb's last hurrah?
  25. MIN - They need a QB to go with the AP/Taylor RB Combo.
  26. CIN - Benefitted from playing a bad NYJ team.
  27. SF - Who knew Dilfer wasn't the answer?
  28. BUF - I really like this Edwards kid.
  29. NYJ
  30. ATL
And the (still continuing to be) winless:
  1. STL - Rumors are that Linehan is out during the upcoming BYE week.  They look bad and without direction.  Bad combo.
  2. MIA - They've lost thier best RB to an ACL injury, their best WR to a trade, and their best B to getting his eggs scrambled (again)... do I hear 0-16?  Speaking of which, do you think the '72 team will have a bottle of bubbly on ice for them?
Let me know in the comments why I should give up writing these rankings.