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Game of inches; Redskins beat Cardinals 21-19

Neil Rackers misses the field goal by mere inches to gie the Redskins an ugly, but important win. Full recap pending my heart starts beating again. Quick thoughts:

  1. Offense is horrible. Couldn't do anything to help out the defense whatsoever.
  2. Defense was great when they were scoring and getting turnovers, very soft looking when they needed to be tough, though great job stopping the two point conversion.
  3. Let's practice onside kick coverage, huh?
  4. Taunting penalties are stupid. You're better than that, London Fletcher, and you get my defensive MVP of the game.
  5. I don't know how we're supposed to beat the Patriots last week, we certainly won't do it by playing the way we did today. You score on defense, you get great field position due to turnovers, and you still meekly win by 2 points? On a missed field goal? Yikes.