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Clinton Portis is fine (or close to it)

The tendinitis is back! Actually, thankfully not:

Bubba Tyer just came in to clarify Clinton's injury. Yesterday Coach Joe said that Clinton had suffered another bout of tendinitis in his right knee, but that was incorrect. Gibbs was assuming that was the case, according to the club, and misspoke, but Bubba just told us that Clinton actually has a bruise and a sprained right knee (grade 1, the most minor sprain possible), suffered in the first quarter of the Giants game. When asked if that injury would have prevented Portis from making those last carries, Bubba said not specificually, since Clinton had been playing with the soreness all game and was not to his knowledge pulled out of the game because of the knee.
Recurring knee tendinitis might've been all I could handle without puking over the keyboard, what with the additional additional injury to Santana Moss which has kept him out of practice. As clever commenter Geoff at Covering The Redskins pointed out:
Bram, it might be easier to just let us know on the weeks when Moss is not injured...just to save you some time.
Never fear, though, since the most prolific single season receiver in Redskins history is, like, totally replaceable. We officially signed Keenan McCardell.

I say whatever to cynicism. Clearly we're going to beat the Detroit Lions, because that's just what Redskins do: win.