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Defeated once more

This time by Brian of Common Prejudice. Enjoy:

All is right once again in the universe. The cream has risen to the top. CommonPrejudice has emerged triumphant. So I think I will do a little reminiscing. Pull up a chair.

I have been a Skins fan since I was very young, growing up in Winnipeg (had an  instant, intrinsic hate for the Cowboys). But one thing I most definitely am not is a Nationals fan.

Far too many years ago I was sitting in math class in grade 10. It was an October Monday in 1981 and the Expos were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers in what would be unbelievably their only post season appearance in franchise history (Don't get me started about 1994). It was the top of the ninth I had my head glued to the radio I had brought into class, with the volume way down so the teacher wouldn't know I was listening to the game and not the lesson. The Expos brought in Steve "Jolly" Rogers instead of a young Jeff Reardon to pitch in a 1-1 game. The Fat Man, Valenzuela had pitched for L.A. while Ray Burris had performed fantastically for the Spos. Then it came. Rick Monday's blast over the center field fence. My whole body crumbled in my seat.

With the math lesson over we were able to listen to the bottom of the ninth with the volume turned up. They got runners on first and second with two out but Jerry White grounded out to the end the game. In Expos lore that was always known as Stormy Monday.

So nowadays I'm not big into baseball.

Here's some video bonus.
First an Expos Tribute I found on YouTube. Then, for something completely different, another video clip called Mouseland. One of the biggest Expos fans of all time was Donald Sutherland. Of course everyone knows his son, Keifer, is Jack Bauer. But do Americans know who Keifer's grandfather was (the father of Donald's wife)? A couple of years ago he was voted as the greatest Canadian in history. His name was Tommy Douglas, and seriously, is my political hero.