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HH Fantasy Football Week 4

One of Yahoo!'s advertisers displays paloffs as the "Heineken Light Premium Player of the Week," instead of premium GM, owner, coach, or any other word that would make sense. So, congratulations (?) to him for that distinction, and for leading the league with 109.05 points with a comeback win on Monday Night Football thanks to a 41.85 point performance by the New England Patriots. paloffs moves to within a point of first place overall.

This week also featured a matchup of two undefeated teams, with Burgundy and Gold again squeaking out a win, this time over Errant Paintballs. Early on, it looked like Tony Romo's (QB, EP) league-leading 35.55 points would be enough to win, but ended up falling short after the rest of the team decided to take the week off.

In other news, kudos to Donovan McNabb for following up a 381 yard, 4 touchdown performance by setting an NFL-record 12 sacks - is it time to call in Kolb? Notably, McNabb still scored positive fantasy points, with 1.2. This was no consolation to Fleft's Freaks, who still lost to 70 Chip and Brett Favre, who also set some sort of NFL record. Can't quite put my finger on which one that was.

Here are the standings:


  1. Burgundy and Gold (457.46)
  2. paloffs (456.65)


  1. Errant Paintballs (411.22)
  2. Short & Curlies (319.78)


  1. SeanTaylorEatsBabies (398.01)
  2. 70 Chip (368.77)
  3. Brees is Killing Me! (343.70)
  4. Brownskins (336.55)


  1. Brit'Skins (332.30)
  2. Fleft's Freaks (305.53)


  1. MC Hammers (282.98)
  2. JustinU804nDem (237.75)