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The Official Hogs Haven Weekly Power Rankings

Another week in the NFL, another week of surprises.

Some unbeaten teams fell (PIT) and some winless teams got on the board in the win column (ATL) showing just how impossible it is to predict how teams will fare in the parity that is the NFL regular season.

Here we go:

  1. NE - Best team right now.  Starting RB (and my 1st pick in the HHFL) Maroney sat out and the Pats still rushed for 174 yards and 5.1 yards per carry.
  2. IND - Good, just not NE good right now.  Beat a very good DEN team handedly.
  3. DAL - They keep beating the teams they need to beat, and beating them down.  Best team in the NFC right now.
  4. GB - Farve doesn't turn the ball over.  The defense is young and getting better.
Those are the easy ones.  Now for the fun part.
  1. PIT - Surprising loss against their former OC and O-Line coach.  If Polamalu is out for long, that hurts their defense big time.
  2. TB - Surprising at 3-1.  Cadillac is out, which hurts, but Garcia just wins.  That defense looks like the defense of old.
  3. SEA - They keep winning and the defense is coming around.
  4. DET - I'm kinda forced to put them here.  I really don't know if they're the 34 point 4th quarter vs. CHI team of if they're the 0 points in the 2nd half vs. PHI team.  They can score, but can they out-score opponents?
  5. TEN
  6. JAX
  7. your WASHINGTON Redskins
Now for teams I can't figure out:
  1. CLE - Apparently, if they played at home every week, they'd go 16-0.
  2. BAL - Offense looks average.  Give the damn ball to McGahee (my 2nd pick in HHFL) more so McNair doesn't have to do it all.  The defense looks average, which cannot happen if this team wants to win.
  3. HOU - They need some of their offensive weapons back.  Starting RB (Green) and 2 of the 3 top WRs (Johnson, Jones) and best return man (Mathis) were all out.
  4. DEN - Losing to IND isn't bad, but this team looks iffy at best.
  5. NYG - Looking like they turned the corner, but I'll wait for Coughlin to screw it up.  I hope they go 8-8 and Coughlin stays around for a few more years.
  6. OAK
  7. KC
Who would have thought the only team to be in last in the AFC West would be San Diego?

Best of the rest:

  1. CAR - The ultimate Jekyll and Hyde team.  Bad this week, so they should go off next week.
  2. SF
  3. ARI
The rest are a toss-up of bad football.  They could go in almost any order.  Here's mine:
  1. SD
  2. CHI
  3. PHI
  4. CIN
  5. MIN
  6. ATL
  7. BUF
  8. NYJ
And the winless:
  1. STL
  2. NO
  3. MIA
As always, let me know where I went wrong.