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The best offens[iv]e [linemen] is a good defens[iv]e [linemen]?

Earlier in the week it was noted that Redskins defensive tackle Lorenzo Alexander, known best for being CRAAAAAAAAAZY...

... might see some time at offensive guard:

Alexander is listed as a backup at right guard on the Redskins' unofficial depth chart this week. He is also listed as a reserve defensive tackle.

He could see action as a two-way player in this Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals.

"Now that's gridiron football," Alexander said, relishing the opportunity.

Gridiron football is chasing down the ball carrier without your helmet, which is designed to protect you from a bad case of brain damage. His heart should be fine, though:
Added head coach Joe Gibbs: "What a heart--that's an example of a guy coming from almost nowhere to really play extremely well. He could play on the offensive line if we need him to, and he has become a real valuable guy."
Heart and brains this man has in spades, more on the brains later, though I still can't get past the testicular fortitude it takes to tackle people without a hat.

This is a good story and is making its rounds to the sports betting community, of which I am a member. We mentioned his sometimes unprotected brain casing as a virtue in this kid, and here's why:

``I've got to know the defensive stuff, too,'' said Alexander, who is attending the offensive line meetings while catching up on the defense's schemes in his spare time. ``It'll be a full-packed weekend, as far as watching film and getting the game plan and stuff.''
No Home Depot for him this Saturday, he's going to be busy learning two assignments, which is one more than most players have to learn and two more than Brandon Lloyd. Cheap shot reeerooo!

Elsewhere in the article is good/bad news on the line. Casey Rabach says he has to be "in a lot of pain" to miss a game and plans on being out there. Both Todd Wade Pete Kendall practiced yesterday. Stephon Heyer probably will not play this Sunday.

Back to Alexander, here's Gregg Williams on him:

``There's a great example of a guy who's been handed nothing in this league and had to earn it,'' assistant coach Gregg Williams said. ``Here's a guy who has a real chance to be a story this week. You could see him play in the special teams, you could see him play on offense, you could see him play on defense, all in the same game. That speaks volumes for his versatility. The old adage: The more you can do, the safer you are. I think he can do quite a bit.''
Neither yahoo nor google revealed any evidence of that actually being an "old adage", but it sounds about right to me. Congrats to Lorenzo for making himself valuable, and this should be a great story to watch on Sunday. Keep your helmet on, though.