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Kick you damned fools

Reader Amir emailed me onnnnnn this. Rub down is that every year Chunky soup has this fan-oriented vote to donate cans of soup to needy persons, under premises I don't entirely understand. But I like getting soup to people who need it, so get behind this.

My understanding of this contest is that the Green Bay Packers win it annually no matter what we do. I've lived through Extreme Skins super movements only to see Your Washington Redskins get tooled around at 25th last year. When I say "tooled around", I mean we had 30K someodd clicks on our behalf and the Packers had 1M someodd clicks on their behalf.

The "kicker" (snort, hah, more on this in a moment) this year is that instead of merely clicking repeatedly to get your team's Chunky soup count up, now you actually get a chance to kick field goals once per day in a Madden style competition that increases the strength of your individual vote. But they strictly prohibit kicking to once per day, which I find technologically frustrating. (Reader(s) with a computer background are encouraged to figure out how to break this pattern through cookies or IP masking or some other complex tubenets concept that I don't even know enough about to make fun of.)

As of this moment we're 13th with 13,201; Green Bay has over 412 thousand.

If you hate hungry people that much, just explain why you haven't done your part in the comments section.