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That's why they called me I am professional.

Uhhhhhh, "issues"?

More on the headset issues: This became a long topic of discussion again as the Skins have had headset issues for 3 of their five games but had intermittent problems in GB for the entire game.. Joe Gibbs said he was told over and over that the helmet issues would be fixed but never were.. Apparently he wrote letters to the league last year saying that if a team loses headset communication between their sideline and their QB, the other team should be forced to shut down their communication citing a competitive advantage.. Gibbs said the league has chosen not to change that rule.. He believes the issues were league related and not Redskin related, meaning he believes their equipment works..
This is unacceptable on 29 different levels. We should not have had headset issues last year. However, we did. But because we had issues last year, precautions should have been taken to deal with them. Apparently they weren't. But even though they weren't, precautions should have been taken intermittently to immediately and with extreme prejudice get that shit operational. Apparently they weren't; headset issues plagued us against Green Bay. Headset malfunction doesn't cause fumbles, but I play the victim card like it's a Super Nintendo: We were robbed I tell you, robbed! League related issues should not keep the Redskins exclusively from properly utilizing the equipment. Either it is a Redskin related issue, calling into question our ability to professionally compete in football -- is asking for a functioning headset really that much to ask? -- or this balderdash needs to be renamed Headsetgate and factless accusations leveled at anyone and everyone associated with the league. It's an anti-Redskin conspiracy, I tells ya.

The good news is that Jason Campbell is Caveman-Quarterback extraordinaire and will succeed without your "science" and "technology". Headsets? He calls his plays using only subtle but authoritative twitches of his mustache. He audibles at the line merely by stroking his chin, gently shaking his snifter of fine Larressingle armagnac, whilst stating "I respectfully disagree, sir, with this defense you've presented me. Prepare yourself for my thoughtful rebuttal." Crowd noise and headset static cower presented with this man's facial hair.

But for serious, Redskins, pretty please, with a cherry on top, fix the fucking headsets.