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The Official Hogs Haven Weekly Power Rankings

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] First my enormous thanks to TexSkins for doing the Hogs Haven power rankings, as I have neither the time nor the accountability nor the requisite NFL knowledge to do them properly. Second, you can find the official SB Nation Power Ranking list here which usually includes our input but did not this week. And finally a huge thanks to Niners Nation for tabulating all the results. Redskins are 9th in the official ranking.
But first, recapping the picks from last week.

I went a poor 5-6-2, for a season total of 40-41-8.  SP's closing the gap at 34-47-8.

Moving on to the rankings:

  1. NE
  2. IND
  3. PIT
  4. DAL - I'm still not convinced the D will be there, but for now...
  5. GB - Ugly game.  But 5-1 is 5-1.
  6. JAX - They keep winning.  Gerrard has 0 INTs.
  7. NYG - This is not the team that went 0-2.
  8. BAL
  9. TB - See number 10.
  10. CAR - See number 9.
  11. your WASHINGTON Redskins - Can anyone figure them out?  I heard SP's starting at G this week.
  12. TEN - The Madden curse caught up to VY.  No Vince, no hope.
  13. HOU - They need some people to start getting healthy and fast.
  14. SD - I'm not 100% sold on them... but man they looked good.
  15. CLE - Anderson is keeping the brady era on the pine.
  16. KC - LJ remembered how to run.  Priest is apparently on the way back.
  17. DET - We'll see what the BYE week did for them.
  18. SEA
  19. ARI - Everyone's trying so hard to lose the NFC West.
  20. DEN
  21. OAK - Everyone let SD back into the AFC West.
  22. MIN - Hello AP.
  23. PHI
  24. SF
  25. CHI - The defense is letting them down.  And Hester is single handedly keeping them even close in games.  bad news.
  26. NO - HogsHaven would like to welcome them to the 2007 win column.
  27. ATL - Is Joey really the problem?
  28. CIN - They did better when half the team was in jail.
  29. BUF
  30. NYJ
And the (still) winless:
  1. STL
  2. MIA