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Anthony Montgomery has passed Kedric Golston on the depth chart

It's official though for all I know it was probably official weeks ago. Contrary to what you might think, I don't maintain a strict pulse on the Redskins depth chart. I just watch zee games.

But not as closely as Dillweed, who is a God among men in the Redskins blogosphere. A warrior-Poet, if you will. A monster of cookies. More substantively, he's a breaker-downer of defensive snaps, which is precisely what he did. Distinctions such as starter vs. bench warmer aren't by necessity all that important in a defense that significantly rotates the defensive linemen. That is part and parcel of the Gregg Williams defense as a premium is placed on keeping fresh legs in the game. The question is to what degree Golston is subbing in for Montgomery, and that's not apparent to people casually or even critically watching a football game. Dillweed takes us to the video review:

Snaps Played:...

Montgomery: 40. Usually the guy they substitute out for the 4-2-5 Nickel formation with 3 DEs...

Golston: 6 snaps. He was decent when he was out there...he got 0 snaps last week, so this is an improvement.

An over 6:1 advantage in the amount of snaps is substantial enough to safely say that Montgomery has surpassed Golston on the line. I like Kedric but this is fine news just the same; Montgomery was allegedly the more physically gifted player with a work ethic problem which he has apparently solved. Also of note is that Chris Wilson received the most non-starter snaps with 20. To sum up: The Redskins have one of the best defenses in the league starting a 5th round draft pick backed up by a 6th round draft pick playing alongside a Northwood University undrafted free agent Canadian League prospect we scooped in free agency. If any team is getting more out of their on paper questionable defensive line in this NFL, I'd like to know who that is. All three players represent a great young nucleus to bolster an defensive line currently and in future interest owned by Andre Carter.

Something else to consider from Dillweed's post, which is required reading, is that we followed up our zero-blitz performance against the Lions with a two-blitz performance against the Packers, to great effect. Blitz are listed:

Fletch[er] 3rd and 1 1 yd completion for the 1st down (pressure generated)
Fletch[er] and Godfrey 3rd and 2 Incompletion (pressure generated)

Williams liked the results he had with 0 blitzes against the pass happy Lions, so I guess he thought to try a similar game plan again vs the pass happy Packers. Both blitzes were effective, which I'm surprised didn't prompt Williams to dial up a couple more. Either way, the game plan seemed to be drop 7 to 8 guys and let Favre's gun-slinger mentality lose the game for the almost worked.

As always, great stuff from Post Game Heroes. Dillweed promises an offensive breakdown tomorrow, so stay tuned.