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Your answer on the offensive line: Cut Kili Lefotu (<- Arrested)

Update [2007-10-16 20:57:2 by Skin Patrol]: This entire post is pointless. Kili Lefotu might've been cut because we didn't evaluate him well, or it might have had something to do with his arrest earlier this week on assault, battery, and destruction of private property charges. The Post brilliantly puts his behavior immediately above his explanation, thus making them both all the more absurd:
Lefotu was arrested after he pulled glass off a wall above a mantel in the restaurant, chased several patrons and pushed a male patron, said Kraig Troxell, a spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. "I was in the wrong place at the wrong time," Lefotu said as he left the Leesburg courthouse without a lawyer. "I don't want to go into detail [about the incident], but I made a mistake and I'm sorry, and I'll let the justice system play its role."
Right, reader(s), like you haven't found yourself in that wrong place chasing people around? As the saying goes, those in glass houses have an easier time finding weapons to chase people with, were glass your blunt object of choise. I think that's how it goes. Anyways, ignore the post below...
Far be it from me to second guess the personnel decisions of this team's management, but...
The Redskins have signed offensive linemen Calvin Armstrong and Kevin Sampson to the practice squad, the team announced on Tuesday.

To make room for Armstrong and Sampson, the team released offensive lineman Kili Lefotu and fullback Brian Bell from the practice squad.

Neither Armstrong nor Kevin Sampson are especially better prospects on paper than Lefotu. Armstrong was a 6th round pick in 2005 (Eagles) and Sampson was a 7th rounder (Kansas City) in 2004. Lefotu was drafted to "address" the O line in the 2006 draft. He was good enough for the team, then not, then good enough for the practice squad, now not. I guess two is better than one.

My cynicism is that I just don't feel as though either of these two guys are more than reliable backups of backups on any squad. Further, our evaluation of them as worthwhile to the team is put in the troubling context of our uncertainty towards Lefotu... who we evaluated more than once as being a worthy addition to this football team. Then again, players come and go and those two guys distinguished themselves in the short period of time they had this week. That is, they distinguished themselves over Ross Tucker, as we worked out three guys and kept these two.

There, we did it. We're miracle workers. O-Line is cured, praise Bugel! Feel free to disagree in the comments.