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Pro Bowl voting is available


Online voting for the 2007 Pro Bowl is underway. Now's your chance to vote for your favorite Redskins! Voting began on Oct. 16 and continues through mid-December.
I concur, go vote for your favorite Redskin, but do so in a serious manner. Go to to vote, as the official site link is broke.

Here's who they think deserves a look:

Among the Redskins having solid seasons so far are quarterback Jason Campbell, left tackle Chris Samuels, wide receiver Antwaan Randle El, tight end Chris Cooley, linebacker London Fletcher, defensive end Andre Carter and safety Sean Taylor.
Fair enough. I don't know if JC has done enough to earn a Pro Bowl spot yet, though I can get behind ARE and Samuels and Cooley and Carter and Taylor. I'd add another name that you should absolutely vote for:

Mike Sellers. If he isn't the best FB in the NFC, you need to tell me who is.