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The most important game in NFL history just got a lot more storied!

You didn't think the Redskins - Cardinals game was the biggest and most important one in NFL history? Not even the biggest and most important game of this season? Of this week? Of this timeslot? Well, think again:

The Arizona Cardinals signed quarterback Tim Hasselbeck on Tuesday, fortifying a position decimated by injuries.
I don't think I've ever heard of Tim Hasselbeck "fortifying" anything on a football field besides, that is, my own sense of total defeat circa 2003, when he played in 7 games, started 5, but won just once. How could we forget his epic performance against the Cowboys that year in a 0-26 loss, when he completed almost as many passes to the opponents (4) as he did to teammates (6... of 26 for a 2.2 YPA). Good times, good times.
Hasselbeck, 29, appeared in seven games -- five starts with the Washington Redskins in 2003, completing 95-of-117 passes for 1,002 yards, five touchdowns and seven interceptions.
That's amazing. Had I known he completed 95 of 117 passes (81% completion), I might've said keep that man around. Because I thought it was closer to 95 completions on 177 passes, for a 53% completion clip. Remember that he only fumbled the ball 20% of the time he carried it, also.

I'll be rooting for him this Sunday. No one carries a clipboard like that man. No one.

For serious though, I am not complaining about this MSNBC article despite the typo on his completions (the typo was, suspiciously, reproduced elsewhere). Who cares? What impressed me was their incredible restraint as the tendency might've been to actually interview Tim and find out whether this game has extra meaning since it is a homecoming. Sucking drama out of Tim's presence in Washington, which couldn't have been less forgettable, would be an insult to anyone reading. Every game does not require an accompanying storlyine for why there is some extraneous reason the two teams, and in virtue of that the principals involved, really want to win. Sometimes the fact that a W is better than a L will suffice, guys. And yet, here we go, someone needs to ask his wife about it:

He is the brother of Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and married to The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the first to confirm the signing, on Monday night.

"When he got this call, I saw Tim, I saw him on the phone, I saw his adrenaline get going again," she said. "This is what he's meant to do."

This is not what he is meant to do. I am not meant to be an astronaut.

Am I bitter about the Steve Spurrier experience and its attendant consequences for Redskins fans a few years ago? Maybe a bit. Maybe in an unhealthy manner. Good luck to you, Timothy Hasselbeck. I love you on the other team's sideline.