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Calling all fans: Can you play offensive line?

It is hard to imagine the amount of aligning stars that allowed us to survive suffer needlessly through 2006 without significant injuries to the offensive line. If I remember correctly, I think we played 15 games with the same five guys. How things change:

Coach Joe Gibbs and his offensive staff spent yesterday mulling their options to try to stabilize the Washington Redskins' offensive line after another round of injuries in Sunday's 17-14 loss at Green Bay.
Stephon Heyer, playing for an injured Todd Wade, pulled something. Casey Rabach was injured, replaced by Mike Pucillo. The Post reminds us that Jon Jansen is out for the season, and Randy Thomas doubts that he will see field this year:
Starting right tackle Jon Jansen broke his leg in the opener and was lost for the season and right guard Randy Thomas tore his triceps in the second game. Thomas could return in December but he said he fears the team will place him on the injured reserve list, which would end his season, because it needs to free up a spot on the roster with so many other linemen injured.
Redskins Insider Jason La Canfora wrote the Post piece, and has some brief additional thoughts over at his blog. And the bright scenario he describes is Jason Fabini, who is currently replacing Randy Thomas, could move to replace Wade (who is replacing Jansen) at tackle, and then we replace Fabini with Rick Demulling. Confused yet? How about terrified. Mike Pucillo could start at guard, but we will probably need him to snap footballs. Should none of that work, we always have Lorenzo Alexander, though the main issue with him is that he's a defensive lineman.

Somewhere, right now, poor Chris Samuels cannot get any sleep.