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Not that there's anything wrong with Troy Aikman

This is the kind of story that has legs I can't keep up with, so forgive me for a fashionably late entrance (but not too fashionable, lest questions arise about my personal life), but start at DC Sports Bog, AOL Fanhouse, Awful Announcing, and Mister Irrelevant. It is certain to spread elsewhere, though with all things if this story gets taken any further, Pro Football Talk will know about important breaking details before even the people involved do. That's just how Mike Florio rolls.

So what happened? Dan Steinberg:

During yesterday's broadcast, Troy Aikman suggested that Lloyd could have caught that overthrown go route from Jason Campbell in the second half.
I've already said that I didn't think Troy Aikman was all that great to listen to for Redskins fans since I think he's nakedly partisan by broadcaster standards, though I would, wouldn't I? But of all the things he's said that didn't make sense, that Brandon Lloyd could help himself by catching more footballs is about the least controversial thing I've heard. As of this moment he has one catch for 9 yards on 6 passes targeted at him, for a catch % of ~16. As of last week, the worst receiver ranked under DPAR, which requires a minimum of 5 passes, was still operating on a 20% reception clip.

Anyways, Brandon Lloyd didn't think much of that:

B-Lloyd: You know what I mean? So it's tough, man. And I don't believe Troy Aikman anyway. He wasn't man enough to admit his personal life situation while he was a player.

Junks: Wowwwww.

B-Lloyd: So I have a tough time believing him.

Junks: What do you mean his personal life?

B-Lloyd: And there's nothing wrong with his personal life, you know, I have nothing wrong with, with....

So apparently, per MDS, Skip Bayliss, then a Dallas reporter, had alleged that Aikman was gay in the 90s. Connecting the dots, Brandon Lloyd was just "speculating" that Troy Aikman is gay. We aren't speculating: Brandon Lloyd has a catching problem.

I don't care or know if Troy Aikman is gay, and we're not going to explore that hypothetical here. I'd prefer he not call Redskins games, but for reasons extra his sexuality. I will say that those kinds of speculations are cheap and unfair because even responding to them is the wrong thing to do. Reader(s), when do you plan to quit beating your wives/girlfriends?

So, as far as I'm concerned, this story is over. I think Brandon Lloyd's days in Washington are soon coming to an end as well, so this isn't important to me. Also, I'm still mourning Sunday's loss which, as Unsilent Majority put it, Sucked Ass. And Troy Aikman was there... Sucking ass? Maybe Lloyd is on to something! (But probably not.)

But I have to go. Optimus Prime just called to inform me that one or more of my loved ones may be decepticons in disguise trying to steal the Matrix or something from me. Not the kind of thing I want to be dealing with tonight, but it's a Monday so...

Again, for the record, I don't think Troy Aikman is gay, and I could not possibly care less how he lines up to the plate. I do, however, wish Brandon Lloyd caught a higher % of the footballs thrown at him.