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Redskins disappoint in loss to the Packers, 17-14

I've been driving all day and have a lot of work to do prior to tomorrow, just picked a big fight with my steering wheel for about 3 hours (I won) and am emotionally and physically drained from the game. Some quick thoughts first this evening, though a closer analsyis of what went wrong, horribly wrong, pending this week.

Offense: Owes the defense a beer and an apology. Fumbles and dropped passes were totally unacceptable and killed any chance we had at winning the game. I don't think Santana Moss has played a worse game in his career, and his fumble, recovered for a touchdown, was the reason we lost. Couldn't catch a cold, though neither could anyone else. Chris Cooley played very well, and I was impressed with Jason Campbell, who wasn't being helped much by anyone. The line flustered me as well, especially late in the game, and it will get worse before it gets better. We are destroyed by injury.

Defense: Total waste of an excellent defensive performance. Sean Taylor had two interceptions and forced a fumble. They had 56 rushing yards on just 2.8 YPA. They had just 150 net yards passing as well. I don't know what more we could have asked from these guys; if you hold the opposing offense to 7 points, you should win the game. That is unless your offense is blowing the game in ways boring (3 and outs, punts, etc.) and unforgivable (fumble returned for 6).

Troy Aikman: I'm done with him. He needs to pipe down, ASAP, yesterday, etc. He is nakedly anti-Redskins, which I don't fault him for given the rivalry, but if we're going to have a partisan broadcast, it should be admitted. I'm not saying everything he spouted was wrong, or that the refs called a perfect game, but he couldn't help himself from alternating criticism or praise of the refs depending on whether they pointed towards burgundy and gold.