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You tubery

Hat tip to the newest edition to the Redskins Blogosphere, Jofizz at Redskins Fan View (which will go on my blogroll shortly) for this rap -- ok, it isn't really a You Tube video, just a picture with music -- that drops mad Redskins rhymes to Hurricane Chris's Ay-Bay-Bay, whatever that is:

Which tells us, among other things, that LaRon Landry doesn't tackle, he does demolition.

In unrelated youtubery, recall that not too long ago I did a bit on the charming Ms. Bonita Glover expressing her love for our own Marcus Washington, on behalf of womenkind everywhere proclaiming without with little qualification that Chad Johnson is clearly no Marcus Washington.  She strikes again and, as always, is absolutely perfect:

I want to clear the air on Bonita's behalf. Some of her "friends" alleged that her You Tube opuses might come off as "insane" or "stalkerish". They're half right; these videos are insane... insanely radical. And not the bad kind of radical but the good kind that I absolutely want to get behind and support 100%. Bonita Glover, if what you're doing is considered in any way anti-social or wrong, then I don't want to be social or right. And when you said "I'm not really going to stalk that man. Because I don't know where he lives." Yet, Ms. Glover. Don't know where he lives, yet.

In all seriousness, she expresses a deep admiration and respect for Marcus Washington that I am sympathetic too as you can probably tell from the fact that I run a Redskins fan blog, which makes me as much a stalker as anyone of Your Washington Redskins.

And Bonita Glover also directs attention to a very serious social issue; the 400 section don't get no love and that's a damn shame. Football tickets are ridiculously expensive -- I'd have had to sell organs on the black market to secure tickets to the Redskins Cowboys game at Texas Stadium had my wonderful girlfriend not secured them on my behalf.

Back to the 400 section, she paints a lovely picture of working class heroes who can't even get a delicious chicken, and I love chicken, and we need to do something about that. The Redskins franchise historically has more honestly represented the blue collar dollar fan section more than they do or have the croquet playing ostrich riding royalty that gets to sit in the sky boxes drinking dairy and eating crumpets and laughing at the sweaty masses that provide them with everything. Damn the man! Get some chicken to the 400 section.

You just tell me where to sign, Bonita, and I'll sign. The Revolution Will Be Blogged.