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Michael Strahan wants your cheerleaders

Per Bob via Dan via Jamie. Confused but, here goes:

Strahan admits he sometimes checks out the cheerleaders during games, and even suggests that one reason that teams use them is to distract opposing teams...

"The Washington Redskins get the prize in my book. Every single one of those girls is stunning."

Really this is just an excuse to post pictures of cheerleaders, a duty I've neglected to meet in quite some time now. But first, a word from Greg Easterbrook, who has vigilantly noted a dramatic shift in cheerleader hegemony:
Back-to-back summer-weather nationally televised games hosted by Washington and Dallas confirmed beyond doubt what NFL observers have been thinking for several years -- the Redskins cheerleaders are now the league's hottest dance team, leaving the Cowboys cheerleaders in their aesthetic dust. Twenty years ago, the Cowboys' pep squad may have been the best-looking and best-dancing in the NFL. Now, it's not even close -- the Redskins cheerleaders are No. 1 in looks and in choreography. Here they are, and here's their warm-to-the-touch swimsuit calendar. At this point, the Broncos cheerleaders tie the Redskins cheerleaders in beauty and the Eagles cheerleaders tie them in choreography, but Washington finishes first overall, including for game-day professionalism. (Professionalism in the cheer context meaning skin, or at least skintight.) Obviously, this is a debate that should continue throughout the season.
Shut up already Skin and Greg and get to the cheerleaders, pictures selected by me from A sampling:

Lee Ann