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Blogger Deathsport Pick'em Week 5

To the surprise of no one, I failed to win this week and more horrible numbers are meted out in gruesome detail below by Post Game Heroes, who did win. Due to my verbal/email contractual obligations, I must post below the thoughts of MBP at PGH as he rants and raves at our expense. That's his right, and I'm duty bound to repeat his thoughts even though I don't want to. One question to MBP: Why does it "baffle" you that Redskins fans take very seriously the games that the Redskins players play? Has it ever been otherwise, for any fanbase, relating to any team, ever, in the history of the NFL? Ok, enough of that, the floor is yours:

The second I posted my picks, I knew it was a wrap for you clowns, sort of like how Manny knew it was a wrap for the Angels the second he made contact in the bottom of the 9th. Consider this post my "strut" to first base. Know that as I write this, I am staring at my screen with my arms raised with all my PGH friends watching over my shoulder with eyes wide open and mouths agape. Right now, Frank Thomas is somewhere looking down at his notes speechless (what a surprise!).

My advice to the other bloggers in this so-called competition, STEP YOUR GAME UP! Curly R and Common Prejudice , you guys need to fine tune your methods. Hogs Haven you need to stop using any thought altogether. You are better off picking blindly.

On to something that baffles me: Redskins bloggers that take their win against the Lions seriously, bloggers that try to read too much into last week's win. Believe me, Sunday's win says nothing about your team (other than that they are extremely inconsistent) and nothing about how they will perform in weeks to come. The Skins are going to disappoint you this week, and if not this week, then next. Don't you know that a win against a "good" team in the NFC is not the same as a "good" win (and whoever said the Lions were a "good" team)? Did we not watch the Lions get demolished by a Schizophrenic Eagles squad recently?

It pains me to say it, but since joining the blogosphere, I have learned that Skins fans are some of the smartest fans the NFL has, but when their own team is involved, all logic and common sense gets thrown out the window. How about having some perspective for once...? Year after year we see this during the preseason...Washington signs a few Free Agents and all of a sudden you're headed to the Super Bowl. You start the season 2-0 once in a blue moon and local TV, Radio, and Blogs are proclaiming a "return to prominence". You lose to the Giants and all of a sudden you all hate Clinton Portis, Gibbs has one foot out the door, the Al Saunders offense sucks, and the season is all but lost. Act like you've been there before Redskin Nation. The season is a marathon, not a sprint.

Why not waste your time blogging about great teams and a great conference: the AFC. The Steelers just dismantled one of the few "contenders" the NFC has to offer, while the lowly Bills exposed, almost embarrassed, the NFC's best option of bringing the Super Bowl back to the conference.

Lets bottom line this post: If the Skins go 8-8, does it matter? If the Skins make it the playoffs, does it matter? No, cause you and I, Skins fan or not, both know the Skins are who we thought they were. Save your words for something that is worth arguing.

Also taken from Post Game Heroes:
Here is how last week played out:
  1. Post Game Heroes, 9-4-1
  2. CommonPrejudice NFL, 7-6-1.
  3. Curly R , 6-7-1.
  4. Hogs Haven, 5-8-1.
And this is how we stand:
1. Post Game Heroes: 39-31-6 or 55% with two weekly wins
T-2. CommonPrejudice: 37-33-6 or 53% with one weekly win
T-2. Curly R: 37-33-6 or 53% with one weekly win
4. Hogs Haven: 28-42-6 or 40% with no weekly wins
Whoever this "50%" person is, he better keep a close eye on his rear view mirror, because we're coming.