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Brandon Lloyd's job safe, Omar Stoutmire's, not so much

Per Redskins Insider:

Looked like Omar was saying his goodbyes in the locker room this morning and the players are all assuming Keenan McCardell will be signed. (Found out that Omar was informed he is being released, but that if he's available and any safeties get hurt, he would be re-signed. they like him a lot but he's caught in a numbers crunch.
Defining the number crunch, we have six safeties including Stoutmire, and I guess we only need five. Vernon Fox and Reed Doughty are that good. Then again, we do have Pierson Prioleau who I feel comfortable backing up both Taylor and Landry, although neither of them will suffer injury since they are really robots.

The number not-crunch saving Brandon Lloyd at WR is that we have 5 without Keenan McCardell, but Santana Moss might be a lot more injured than we thought thus necessitating a 6 man lineup. From the above RI article:

Also, Santana Moss was far less than certain that his groin injury would be healed in time for Sunday's game and was unsure when he would return to practice.
There was a time when these fringe wide receiver positions were cheaply and easily filled by practice squad types in the mold of Mike Espy. Except Espy, along with colleagues Steven Harris and Jason McAddley, all landed on injured reserve. And that's why Keenan McCardell will get paid.

Strange how that works out; usually it is the younger players who have to wait for some timely injury or the undeniable effects of aging to move up the depth charts and, subsequently, income tax brackets as they are rewarded with more lucrative veteranesque contracts. In this instance it is a 37 years old free agent, which makes him an antique unless his name were Jerry Rice, who lucks into favorable circumstances when two players 10 years his junior injure themselves. In practice or exhibition. Tough business, that NFL.