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Randy Thomas wins Ed Block Courage Award


The recipients were selected by their teammates for displaying commitments to the principles of courage and sportsmanship, while serving as inspirations in their locker rooms. The accolade has become one of the most esteemed honors bestowed upon a player in the NFL, especially since the recipient is selected by his peers. Recipients are often players who have overcome devastating injuries or tragedies in their personal lives to return to the top level of competition that is the NFL.
Hogs Haven congratulates Randy Thomas for winning the award. He was likely chosen because he is the best O-lineman on the team, is well liked, and recovered from an ankle injury last year. As an example of his toughness:
Said assistant head coach Joe Bugel, who oversees the offensive line: "I've been totally amazed by him. For him to come back like that and not limp and not show any pain, he's a real warrior. I mean, if that guy's not a Pro Bowl guard, then there are no Pro Bowl guards."

Some teammates feared Thomas risked re-injuring his leg because of his gung-ho attitude. Thomas dismissed such concerns.

"If you sit around and wait for it to heal then you're losing time and reps," Thomas said. "And I'm a different guy. When I come back I like to work it out and not just sit it out. I think I made myself better by getting on the field for [spring practices]. It kind of helped me get through the soreness."

Hail to Randy Thomas.