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"Rumors" we already know: Players don't like Gibbs' Offseason regimen

Pro Football Weekly confirmed on Tuesday that craaaaazy rumor we repeated after AP Sportswriter Joseph White said the exact same thing a week ago. Nothing new from PFW but it's more evidence that all is not well in Washington:

Players such as Phillip Daniels and Santana Moss have argued for the right for players to work out on their own, rather than at the team facility. Joe Gibbs made it a focus of last offseason, demanding that players work out at Redskins Park four days a week from the end of March until the June minicamps. A more specific argument from Daniels was with the type of workouts the team has had to do -- more circuit training that emphasizes mobility, strength and stamina but might not be the best system for a player like Daniels, whose game requires power to be successful. The players, especially the linemen, also have said they would like to work less through the OTAs so they can be more fresh for training camp. Gibbs has pledged to inspect every aspect of the team's offseason activities so as to better prepare the club.
Hoping that this doesn't go anywhere beyond players grumbling. I'll keep you posted on Jason White keeping PFW posted on keeping us posted. Wait, what?