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Clinton Portis Sounds Off!

On the 2nd (I believe) Clinton Portis had an interview with Sports Talk 980 which was apparently fairly revealing. We all know Clinton Portis isn't afraid to offer his opinion and did just that. It was the topic of an over 1,000 post thread at Extreme Skins and received a mention from Pro Football Talk's Rumor Mill. You can listen to, download, or podcast the interview here (2nd interview from the top titled Redskins RB Clinton Portis).

Here's what PFT had to say: On Offseason Workouts

[Portis] said that "a lot" of Redskins players were tired when training camp started, due to extensive "voluntary" sessions from April to June... Portis explained that he thinks players get worn out during training camp and the regular season if they don't have an opportunity to get away from the game in the offseason.
On communication problems within the team:
Coach Joe Gibbs handles the running game, and offensive guru Al Saunders handles the passing game.  Apparently, they don't interact much -- at least not in front of the players.

Portis expressed confusion over the fact that he has no involvement in the passing game, while he's the go-to guy in the running game.

Portis also said that there are plenty of players who don't communicate with each other, and he vented about players who spend a lot of time complaining -- but little time taking advantage of Gibbs' wide-open office door.

Among other topics covered, Portis also criticized the team for letting Ryan Clark and Antonio Pierce go.

The bottom line is that the most vocal and identifiable Redskin is unhappy with the way things are being run and isn't afraid to talk about it with the media. That, by itself, is cause for concern.

We'll discuss the interview after I've had an opportunity to pour over it more. Post your own thoughts/comments/concerns from the interview below.