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Nothing happening

-- We maybe signed a CFB Defensive End who weighs 240 pounds? No official word from the team, but the Canadians say it's so. Per the release:

The BC Lions have lost one of the cornerstones of the defense that led them to the Grey Cup title. Defensive End Chris Wilson has signed a 3-year deal with the Washington Redskins of the NFL. Wilson has started every game in his 2 years with the Lions recording 70 tackles and 8 sacks.
I'm pretty sure they play 18 game seasons...

-- Mark Steven (known as Om on Extreme Skins) has his weekly(?) fanblog up at the official site here. Mark is a gifted writer and unflinchingly optimistic and steady handed when writing about the Redskins. If you want to kind of sort of be cheered up after a disappointing Redskins season, head on over and read it.

-- Though I've got nothing to write about, The Curly R keeps the ball moving with a nice Three Part Season in Review.

Part 1: covers 2005 Postseason, 2006 Offseason & 2006 Training Camp. Highlight:

2006 Offseason
Five days after that loss, the Redskins announced the team had lured Al Saunders, another Don Coryell veteran in the Joe Gibbs school, away from the Kansas City Chiefs. Dick Vermeil had retired (again) and top lieutenant Saunders was passed over for former Chiefs defensive backs coach (under Marty Schottenheimer) Herm Edwards. Saunders was expected to bring the offensive genius he showed in Kansas City and St. Louis (who won the Super Bowl with his offense in 1999) to Washington. With Saunders, Joe Gibbs and returning defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the Redskins had one of the best coaching staffs in the NFL, maybe ever. Even as recently as September, Joe Gibbs would say this about Al Saunders:
Al handles everything.

Part 2: 2006 Regular Season Games 1-13 For those of us who remember games 1-13, there aren't a lot of highlights. I choose...
Game 8: Cowboys at Redskins, November 5, 2006. Washington wins one of this NFL season's bizarre games 22-19. After failing to score with seven chances inside the five yard line, Redskins turn it over on downs but nail Julius Jones for a safety. On the next possession trailing 5-0, Bill Parcells gets caught chasing points with a failed two point conversion. Fast forward to a blocked Mike Vanderjagt field goal, a 30 yard return by Sean Taylor and an untimed play and the Redskins win to move to 3-5.

Part 3: 2006 Regular Season Games 14-16 & 2007 Offseason Outlook is pending, so keep an eye on the Curly R for it.

Jack Kogod wonders about Mark Brunell's future at the Fanhouse and concludes that the best move is a cut. I say pay cut or go.

Also at the Fanhouse, Ryan Wilson takes a look at the Redskins first pick last year, who happened to be a 2nd rounder because our front office thinks draft picks can give you Herpes.

Running Redskins has a neat slide show of the Redskins-Giants game. Spoiler Alert: We still lose. But the Redskins Cheerleaders look hot. Also, whoever is taking those pictures has a much better digital camera than I don't.

Tandler's Blog moved while asking this question: The Defense: Tweak It or Nuke It? As always from Tandler, it's a must read.

Jason La Canfora's Redskins Insider is going guest blogging style (I'd love some guest bloggers here). Poor Jason is being shipped off to cover Ravens games for a bit because they, you know, made the postseason. Sorry dude.

I'll have something substantive up later this afternoon.

psst... it's my birthday