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Superbowl Trivia

Per Gil Brandt. It's all kinds of interesting and a worthy quick read, though below I'm only posting Redskins related miscellanea:

12. In 1982, Washington's Mark Mosley became the only kicker ever to win the Associated Press MVP, then he helped the Redskins win Super Bowl XVII.
John Riggins was Super Bowl MVP in XVII with 166 yards on 38 carries, including a 43 yard run that would put the Redskins ahead 20-17 against the Dolphins. The good guys won 27-17. But we really like you too, Mark Mosley.
16. The top three single-game totals in rushing yardage were Timmy Smith (Washington, 204), Marcus Allen (Los Anegeles Raiders, 191) and John Riggins (Washington, 166).
Smith's 204 yards was in a shellacking of John Elway's Denver Broncos, 42-10. Timmy Smith is in jail right now for trying to buy cocaine from an undercover cop. C'mon though, I mean he also played for the Cowboys. What'd you expect?