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Superbowl: Not so super without the Redskins

I thought that this blog would assist me in my annual denouncement of football right around the time Your Washington Redskins are mathematically/practically/in spirit eliminated from Superbowl contention. In 2005 it was after we lost to the Seahawks. Feel free to choose your own disaparaging moment from 2006. They're aplenty.

I was wrong about the blog. There is no way to dispel the requisite feeling of betrayal and animosity directed at Ye Football Gods for making you care so much about something just to steal it from you weeks and months prior to closure. It's quite cruel, really. So disclaimer: My Superbowl coverage is going to be half-assed, by design. I'll be watching but I might not even find the time to post an Open Thread. And if there is an Open Thread, I promise it will be purposefully lacking in any meaningful description of the game itself.

But I know that some of my reader(s) might not be as acrimonious or bitter as I am and may actually want Superbowl coverage. Here's where you should go if you care about the Superbowl:

Deadspin -- because it's the most populated sports site currently unaffiliated with ESPN or NFL or someone else who is like, bona fide. Put differently, because Deadspin is the most populated bona fide sports site.

Kissing Suzy Kober -- because it's like Deadspin only focused on Football, and contributor Unsilent Majority loves the Redskins, and also because the entire site is wicked funny despite their strange relationship with "Sex Cannon" Rex Grossman.

Stampede Blue -- because zee Colts are in the Superbowl.

Windy City Gridiron -- because zee Bears are in the Superbowl.

Hogs Haven officially is rooting for zee Bears for NFC pride. Mostly because I pathetically intimated that 2006 might be the year of the NFC, only to watch this so-called "conference" implode. An NFC Superbowl win could make me look lessest stupiderish than I did preprioriously. A stretch, I know.

Reader(s), post your own Superbowl predictions below.