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And we are back (but not really)

Skin Patrol has returned from Las Vegas. Actually, I returned some time ago catching a flight from Sin City to home (via a transfer) this Saturday.

I tend to, as best I can, keep this site Redskins or as tangentially Redskins/Football related as possible, but I feel the need to rant and rave for a moment about my trip to Nevada. Humor me.

I lost some money gambling in Las Vegas. I had anticipated that. I spent some coin on food and shows and hotel room and clubs. I had anticipated that. I lost 10% of my body weight after a stomach virus or else Ebola ravaged my body through three states. I had not anticipated that.

Yes, I spent this Saturday in the worst shape I've ever been in my entire life. Doggy bags were filled. Airport trashcans were ruined. Toilets cried and screamed for mercy (to no avail). The quickly diminishing contents of my stomach went interstate. This horrible, damnable condition continued throughout Saturday but mercifully (and misleadingly) passed on Sunday, only to come back with a vengeance on Monday morning, forcing me back to bedrest.

On a related note I found Religion(s). While I shivered and groveled and wimpered helplessly as my stomach tried to expunge itself from my sin-filled body for six hours, my only recourse was to pray to all the major religions -- and some of the minor ones -- for brief respite against what I could only interpret as an unexaggerated sneak peak of a punished afterlife.

Some thanks are in order:

  1. First and foremost my girlfriend deserves ginormous credit for nursing me from potentially lethal, violent illness to merely (the most) miserable sickness (in the history of Everything). She carted me on a wheel chair, as embarrassing as that is to admit, through two airports and trashed doggy bags for me as I was too sick even to make it 2 rows to the bathroom. By the way: if you hate having to wait to board an airplane, just pretend to be dieing and they will let you preboard. Nice, eh?
  2. In my absence the site was more than adequately covered by two benevolent individuals. TexSkins needs no introduction as he's about the most vocal (and perhaps only, as far as I can tell) Hogs Haven reader. Enormous thanks to TexSkins, who is always welcome to post his insight on this website.
That Guy Ben Folsom also deserve high praise for not only keeping an eye on this site while I was gone, but also somehow finding the time to update his own website (The Curly R; you know this, man) with some excellent content: Posthumous law suits? Human sacrifice? Tony Kornheiser? All in a week's work at Curly R.

Speaking of Curly R, if you haven't noticed I tend to heap abundant praise on that site. Primarily because it was one of the first Redskins blogs I visited and remains my favorite, but also because I view it as Hogs Haven's sibling site. That is if your sibling was better written and more topical. And also if Curly R didn't already have a sibling site at Curly W, an excellent Washington Nationals blog.

In any event, Curly R is the first place I go in the morning and it should be the second place you go (after here, of course) reader(s).

Thanks again to Ben and TexSkins for tending the homestead in my fortunate and then unfortunate absence. We will not return you to your normal poorly-composed blog. It's contagious now, too.