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Grade School: What a D-ck

Hat Tip: Bleeding Green Nation.

Charles Robinson for Yahoo Sports released his Making The Grade year's end review. The Redskins received a D- (which is still passing, right???) higher than only the Oakland Raiders and Detroit Lions.

WASHINGTON REDSKINS (5-11): No team did less with more. Coach Joe Gibbs and offensive coordinator Al Saunders haven't been a good fit, and even when healthy, the defense didn't play anywhere near the level it did for Gregg Williams in 2005. At least Jason Campbell looks like a serviceable quarterback.
I don't know that the grade itself is unwarranted (perhaps the implication... are we really worse than anyone besides Detroit and Oakland?) but it is my job, as a Redskins Blogger, to be blindly partisan in my support for the Washington Redskins. So here is my brief retort:
  1. When were we healthy on defense this year???
  2. More with less??? In our secondary we had studs like (a soon to be cut) Mike Rumph, Kenny Wright, an aging Troy Vincent, and a household name like... Vernon Fox? Now, as regards coaching players up... That Ladell Betts guy (you know, the backup RB because our starter is on IR) sure looked undercoached, huh? Sixth round draft pick Kedric Golston looked like a reliable starter as well. We'll even turn a Dallas reject Shaun Suisham into what looks like a damn fine starting place kicker. Naw, if we did less it was because, in many ways, we had less.
I've now satisfied my blind homerist quotient of the day.