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Surgery for Brunell, Washington, Daniels, and Yoder

Per the Washington Post.

Mark Brunell (emphasis added, and think about it):

[Quarterback] Mark Brunell will have surgery on his left shoulder... [Redskins Director of Sports Medicine Bubba] Tyer said Brunell injured his throwing shoulder in the Redskins' Nov. 5 win over Dallas, and... had been trying to play through the injury without having surgery.

Marcus Washington:

[Linebacker] Marcus Washington [will have surgery] on his elbow and possibly his hip... Washington, who was placed on injured reserve Dec. 23 with a strained right knee, will be examined for multiple injuries. Tyer said, however, that Washington would not have surgery on the knee.

Phillip Daniels:

Defensive end Phillip Daniels underwent surgery on both ankles yesterday... Daniels had been playing on a bad ankle since the Redskins' 25-22 loss to Tennessee on Oct. 15 and, by compensating for one, injured the other. He managed to play in all 16 games.

Todd Yoder:

[Tight End] Todd Yoder [will have surgery] on his knee.

Good news = Lemar Marshall will not require offseason surgery for an injured knee.

Update [2007-1-3 10:49:3 by Skin Patrol]: Hat tip: DC Sports Bog. Per the Washington Times, Rocky McIntosh (knee), Chris Samuels (knee), and Vernon Fox (pectoral muscle) will also have surgery.