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The Draft: 2000

Taking a page from The Curly R's Ben, the is going to focus on the first draft under Dan Snyder.

To go along with those high priced free agents, the team also had 8 draft picks (that's 1 more than allotted for each team... I guess Snyder hadn't found out you can trade them away from over-the hill vets yet), including both the 2nd and 3rd picks in the 2000 draft, which the translated Pro Crier LaVar Arrington (#2) and Pro Bowler Chris Samuels (#3).

The rest of the draft is pretty much wasted, as I don't recognize any of the names... so let's see if the readers can do better than I can:

Round 3 - #64 Lloyd Harrison CB North Carolina State
Round 4 - #129 Michael Moore G Troy
Round 5 - #155 Quincy Sanders DB UNLV
Round 6 - #202 Todd Husak QB Stanford
Round 7 - #216 Delbert Cowsette DT Maryland  
Round 7 - #250 Ethan Howell WR Oklahoma State

Samuels was coming off the 1999 Outland Trophy, which is awarded to the best college lineman.  You could make the case that Samuels is the best player on the roster.  He is the highest paid player and is signed for quite a while (in 2005, he signed a 7 year/$47 million contract, with another $15 mil in signing bonus.)

Arrington, on the other hand, never really made the mark on the NFL that everyone thought he would coming out of Penn State. He left the team after last season, his eyes wide with dollar signs.  He fought with the coaching staff about his role on the defense, which even while he actually was healthy, was nothing more than a free lancer that either made a great play or was out of position while watching a great play happen against the defense.

Maybe after seeing what a crap shoot the 2000 Draft was, Snyder vowed never to let a draft pick go untraded.