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Making the Earliest Possible Mistakes

A real confidence-builder

Jerral W. Jones has hired Jason Garrett as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys...or as an offensive coordinator for a coach to be hired later...or maybe as head coach if the the guys he's interviewing turn him down, or maybe as Jerral W. Jones coffee-getter or something.

As predicted, Jerral W. Jones is not really looking for a serious and independent head coach.  He's looking for a broken-down yes-man (Wade Phillips, Norval Turner) or a newcomer that is willing to bend over for a couple of seasons and get fired in order to break into the head coaching ranks (see also: Lane Kiffin)

So now, Jerral W. Jones has undermined his head coach, no matter who it winds up to be.  If it's Jason, the players will know Jerral W. Jones wanted someone else, that they get to play for the guy Jerral W. Jones settled for because no one else would take the job.  If it's someone else, they'll know that someone else was brought in just to mind the shop until Jason is ready.  Lifetime Eagles fan, season ticket holder and Curly R reader/lurker Wilbert Montgomery thinks it will be Wade Phillips, brought in essentially to run the defense while Jason runs the offense until Wade is out of favor or Jason is ready.

There's a real great message to send you your players:  there's no real head coach, just two coordinators with Jerral W. Jones running the show.

And what if it's Norval?  Norval does not use an offensive coordinator in his system, he is the offensive coordinator.  Jason would be no more than a glorified quarterbacks coach, which is already what he is.  Yepper, Norval and Jason in meetings, with Norval going over the gameplan and Jason just sitting there, waiting, planning, scheming, then going into private meetings with Jerral W. Jones...

Whatever, as a Redskins fan it's nice for a change to watch some other team make terrible personnel choices.

Ben Folsom of The Curly R is one of the legion of volunteers keeping Hogs Haven rolling while Skin Patrol is pursuing his true calling as a degenerate gambler in Las Vegas.

Jason Garrett:  Andy Scott / Dallas Morning News from here