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If it is so outrageous let's do something about it.

Hat tip: Extreme Skins.

Fox Sports and have the Top 10 outrageous hall of fame exclusions and of course Art Monk ranks at the top. He's #3 behind Kansas City LB Derrick Thomas and baseball's John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil.

3. Art Monk

James Arthur Monk played 16 years in the NFL, mostly for the Washington Redskins. At one point, Monk was the all-time leader in receptions; his record was broken by Jerry Rice. Monk also held the record for most receptions in a year (106), but that title now belongs to Marvin Harrison. He ranks sixth on the all-time NFL receptions list, which is remarkable considering the modern adoption of pass-happy offenses. Additionally, outside of football, Monk helped found The Good Samaritan Foundation. Tack on four [ED note: Art Monk has 3 Super Bowl rings but played in four Superbowls] Super Bowl rings, and you have yourself what seems to be a lock for the Hall of Fame.

Reason for exclusion: Monk's failure to be inducted is a mystery, but supposedly the thinking goes that Monk was never spectacular on the field (he only led the league in receptions once and never led in receiving yards) and did not change the way defenses played against the Skins. He simply caught a lot of passes on an already great team. The modern offense has also hurt Monk and it is no longer uncommon for a wide receiver to catch 100 balls.

This injustice can and should be rigth as soon as this year. We all know that Art Monk deserves to be in the HoF, the conventional wisdom is that he deserves to be in the HoF, the opinion of informed professionals is that he deserves to be in the HoF, and he needs to be in the damn HoF Now.