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How I learned to stop worrying and love the SportsBlog Nation

NFC East -- Grizz from Blogging the Boys fleshes out the many "Why"s regarding Bill Parcells retirement. My personal favorite is the ESPN Angle, as it supports the most damning narrative for our Dallas Cowboys rival. Only downside: likely implausible.

The ESPN Angle - Immediately after word came down, ESPN went with its tried-and-true story-line, asking the question over and over whether this had to do with Terrell Owens and Jerry's insistence that he return. This had little to do with it in my opinion, although I think Owens did irritate Parcells.

Grizz also has the short(ish) list of coaching candidates which includes former Redskins HC Norv Turner:

Norv Turner, San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator: Love Norv's work as a coordinator, not so much as a head coach. Maybe coming back to Big D would be lucky for him, but it's no guarantee.
Turner went 42-53-1 from 1994 through 1999 as head coach of the 'Skins.

Bleed Green echoes my thoughts on the Parcells retirement:

My thought is that Parcells really left the Cowboys in the lurch by leaving this late. They are now one of only two teams, the other being the Raiders which is a job that even college assistants are turning down, without a head coach.
Correction: Now one of one team without a Coach; the Raiders hired 31 year old USC offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin.

Superbowl Shuffle -- WCG, like New Orleans against the Bears, is under the weather, but not so much that he couldn't offer an ode to Urlacher yesterday. Is that how you spell ode?

Stampede Blue is -- shocker -- thrilled at his team's Superbowl berth and has no problem calling out the doubters. Read the comments for a perfect example of how quickly discussion can deteriorate on the Internets.

Suffice to say, Hogs Haven congratulates them both. Head over to the two above mentioned blogs for your Superbowl related blogging needs.

NFC -- Pride of Detroit: Lions on the verge of signing WR Mike Furrey.

Daily Norseman: Wow. Just wow. Go see for yourself. Sometimes Football gets out of hand and people suck.

The Falcoholic: Vick cleared.

...apparently the fact that he had a hidden compartment in his water bottle filled with a dark substance with an odor much like marijuana was a strange coincidence. Ha ha! Those wacky Miami police officers.
Dave takes the high road, wants answers, but knows he won't get them. Ben has the final word on those crazy Vick brothers. "Like school in the summertime."

Someone had to do it. Niners Nation has the Superbowl Shuffle, for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

As New Orleans got spanked by Da Bears, questions were inevitably raised about a Dome team's chances in January against adverse weather conditions. Turf Show Times points out that a dome team is headed to the Superbowl. And that dome team is favored by a touchdown. Will the "dome factor" make a difference? In Miami?

Full disclosure: Field Gulls is one of my favorite blogs. I don't like the Seahawks or anything, I just really like Shrug. Minor man crush. As an added bonus, the Gulls just raided the Cowboys' depleting coaching staff by hiring ST coach Bruce DeHaven.

AFC -- Phinsider has a Dolphins mock draft roundup that I mention only because the names on those lists are crazy similar to what people are predicting for the Redskins. Trading down to their number 9 pick could yield us an additiondal day 1 draft pick. Just saying.

Pats Pulpit recap of the AFC Championship. Enough said.

Breaking news: a Bengal was arrested (marijuana)! Hogs Haven urges Johnathan Joseph to contact Mike Vick's lawyer.

The Browns have a new Offensive Coordinator with a kick ass nickname: "Chud"

Behind the Steel Curtain has a lot going. The Steelers hired Mike Tomlin and got the goods on him from the Daily Norseman. Loyal Hogs Haven contributor zknower kind of sort of won the pick'em challenge and will be rewarded accordingly. And Blitzburgh ran the latest in a recurring piece on the 5 biggest surprises of 2006: Santonio Holmes.

Older Mock Draft Recap at Big Cat Country. They also have their eye on a DE and the 17th pick. They could get Gaines Adams or Jamaal Anderson (in this instance "or" means either/or as in one will be available). A trade down possibility?

Titans are searching for a GM which just depresses me because we don't have a GM but aren't looking, either.

TheSportsGuru is pumped about the Raiders hiring Kiffin as Head Coach. After reading his account of the hiring, I can't say I disagree with his enthusiasm.

Tamba Hali wins Arrow Head Pride's ROTY. Let me point out that Tamba Hali outperformed Mario Williams this year, despite Williams being the unquestionable consensus best DE in the 2006 draft. While Redskins fans bicker about whether Jamaal Anderson is better than Gaines Adams is better than Quentin Moses is better than Adam Carriker, remember that we could easily pickup the best rookie DE in the 2nd round as that's exactly what happened for the KC Chiefs in 2006 -- and this year is much deeper at that position. Trading down and taking a CB in the 1st might be a wise move.

Needless to say, saint is far more optimistic about Kiffin as the Raiders' Head Coach; time will tell.


PS: Maybe not! How could I forget The Football Monologues.